Discounted wool duvets

Factory seconds wool duvets at unbeatable prices!

We still can’t believe how our little wool duvet business has grown from a two-man show to what it is today. 

Our industrial carding machine is finally up and running. We need to run a few tests on the machines to get our wool filling just right for our future production runs. 

We’ll be making a number of “test duvets” that may have a few slight weight differences. These are perfectly serviceable and we will be selling them at ridiculously low prices. 

If you’d like to secure a test duvet, place your order now and we’ll dispatch to you from middle to end April 2024

Factory seconds products available

Wool duvets

Limited numbers of wool duvet test samples will be available for purchase. Get yours early!

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Wool pillows

Sleep better with a wool-filled pillow. Very few factory seconds available.

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Mattress toppers

Luxurious pure wool mattress toppers for the best sleep ever. Get yours now.

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What you need to know...

These duvets are factory seconds. They may come with very slight flaws including, but not limited to:

  • The wool filling may be heavier or lighter than the advertised weight.
  • There may be slight stitching imperfections.
  • There may be slight sizing imperfections.

As such, the duvets do not come with any guarantee on workmanship through our returns policy, and you purchase them voetstoots, “as is” and no refunds will be given on these products

Courier costs will be added at checkout. No discount coupons/welcome coupons can be applied to these items as they are already massively discounted. 

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